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    About the Mission  


Mom's Pillow is a nonprofit cause supporting the mental health of moms by helping them access meaningful social support, which has been scientifically proven to buffer against psychological distress in the postpartum period and beyond. Our events are always free and offer moms a space to authentically connect in order to find their village.

Mom's Pillow is a 100% volunteer-run cause. We operate with no funding and rely on the kindness of local businesses and brands that support Moms.

Did you know?


Suicide is a leading cause of maternal mortality and accounts for about 20% of postpartum deaths.


85% of moms feel like society doesn't understand or support motherhood.


70% of moms admit to holding back their feelings when stressed, and 61% feel that they have no one to turn to or confide in for help.


28% of new moms experience loneliness after giving birth to their first child.

And, societal pressure can keep MOMS lonely... 

Qualitative studies have shown that wider societal narratives around motherhood can put an inordinate amount of pressure on moms to be the "perfect Mom." When moms inevitably fail to meet these impossible standards, a sense of self-perceived inadequacy can prevent them from authentically connecting to others, further compounding isolation and loneliness.

57% of Moms feel like they are a failure as a mom when they ask for help.

 Isolation & loneliness are major risk factors for all types of psychological distress during postpartum (& beyond). But, we know that social support is a proven buffer and it's available to all Moms through accessible, permissive spaces for connection.


Hey, I'm Erin!

I'm just a regular mom who believes in the power of good mom friends to make the motherhood journey healthier, easier and more fun. I have a background in psychology and social impact consulting, and I love using my knowledge to support women & create spaces for connection. I really believe in the healing power of community. With so few peer support resources for moms, I hope that Mom's Pillow is a soft landing place for all of us to come connect, laugh & feel less alone in whatever we're going through. 

Founder of Mom's Pillow
Screen Shot 2023-02-06 at 10.25.02 AM.png

Hey, I'm Stephanie!

Mom's Pillow Facilitator- Long Beach

I'm a Long Beach-based toddler mom who loves to connect with other women in my community and exercise my creative passions for the arts. Through the ups and downs of my postpartum journey, I realized how hard it was to find a community that was there for me when I needed it most. I have since then been passionate about helping provide that to other moms so that it doesn’t have to be so hard, and we can find the tools to help us thrive, not just survive in motherhood. 



Is this a therapy group?

No. This group does not provide psychotherapy services and is not intended to treat diagnosed mental illness. Although having "real" conversations in a nonjudgmental environment can be therapeutic for many, this is not a clinical psychotherapy group. We encourage all Moms to seek individual psychotherapy treatment if they need treatment for a specific psychological diagnosis.

Does it cost money?

No. This is a free group, but we suggest making a donation of any size to The Pillow Fund, which allows us to continue hosting meetings in SD county at no cost to Moms. Occasionally we will hold special events in partnership with community allies, in which case there may be a low-cost fee required.

Can I bring my children?

These meetings are not intended for children. 

Can I make friends here?

Yes! One core purpose of this group is to allow Moms to form authentic friendships and mini networks of support outside of the monthly meetings. All Moms at the meeting will be encouraged to exchange contact information.

Click here for a list of our mental health data sources 



If you'd like to be informed of upcoming meetings, submit your e-mail below!


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